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Child safety is important to all of us, we have a responsibility to all children to stay informed and make excellent choices to keep children safe whether it is from an injury in the home or stranger danger. Injuries and many ‘accidents’ are the leading cause of death and disability in children in Canada and across many other countries around the world.

We developed this site New Child Safety (NCS) to take action to increase awareness that many, many of the injuries and deaths experienced by children are preventable and we are here to help pass on useful information, remind everyone that role modeling is so important in developing life-long habits around safety and to give all our readers some interesting and pertinent information from various sources so you can stay up-to-date and informed.

New Child Safety is all about primary prevention – making a difference before there is an event. If we work together, we will make our homes, cars, schools and communities safer for our children.

Our website provides parents, teachers, and community leaders with information and child safety tips spanning several different types of child safety topics, for example, seasonal topics such as summer safety, sun safety and swimming pool safety. We cover important features focused on child safety in the home, fire safety for kids, Internet safety and stranger danger. Because so many children are injured while traveling in cars, as a passenger on a motorcycle or riding on an ATV, we have information sections covering all these topics. The partnership of New Child Safety along with our Associates aim to provide up to date, helpful child safety information to reduce the number of accidents and injuries while contributing to overall child health and well-being.

Whether you’re a parent wanting information for your family, an educator or a community organization responsible for ensuring child safety, you can get valuable information and tips right here whenever you need them. Our mission is to add to the wellness of every child by getting crucial information into the hands of parents, caregivers, and community leaders to keep all our children safe.