AMBER Alert System

One of the scariest issues for parents and caregivers is the chance of a child being a victim of stranger or acquaintance kidnapping. An AMBER Alert and/or Child Abduction Emergency (CAE) are child abduction alert systems. The AMBER Alert system is issued for an immediate local or larger regional area and may involve one or more children.

AMBER alert system requires specific criteria to be activated

For the AMBER Alert system to be activated, a child must be at risk of serious bodily harm or death before an alert is issued. As soon as law enforcement determines a child has been abducted and the situation meets AMBER Alert system criteria, they notify all necessary channels to get the message out. AMBER Alerts interrupt regular programming and are broadcast on TV, radio, highway road signs, as messages to smart devices and more. AMBER Alerts also act as deterrents in some situations. AMBER Alert system cases have demonstrated that some perpetrators release a child after they are aware the AMBER Alert is public. Importantly, the overuse of the AMBER Alert system may lead to diminishing its ability to work; therefore it is important officials use the system properly.

The first few hours in a child abduction are crucial…

If your child is missing immediately contact local law enforcement using 911 (or 999 in the UK). Police need to know as much information as early as possible when a child is abducted. Previous statistics tell us that the initial few hours after a child abduction are the most critical. 75% of children who are abducted and who were also found murdered were killed by their abductor in the first three hours. A terrifying statistic. The statistics show that the AMBER Alert system works and is saving children’s lives. For more information about the Global Missing Children’s Network and the 22 countries that participate see here.

There are so many important areas of discussion regarding child abductions and stranger danger that we cannot write about them all in this post. However, we do cover much more areas on our website. You can follow the links if you would like to read about more specific topics in the stranger danger section such as more about the Amber Alerts and particularly child molesters and sex offenders We also have information on child safety locators and child tracking devices.


Our motto is that we are all responsible for child safety so let’s get started looking through the information, getting up to date and all doing whatever we can today to keep our children safe.

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