Car (Road) Safety

car road safetyCar road safety is vitally important to our children given the severity and even death that happens on our roadways as the result of car collisions. Role modeling safe driving and general car (road) safety such using proper seat belt safety go a long way to teaching our children the most fundamental aspects of staying safe and free from injury and accidents while driving or riding in a car.

Our children face a great deal of car road safety issues from the time conception (see wearing a seat belt during pregnancy), during the infancy and toddler days all the way through their own driving years. As our children grow they ride their bikes, ride along as passengers on motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATV’s. We have a lot of information to cover!

At New Child Safety, the topic of car (road) safety has a lot of topics and we want to start by focusing a few specific topics. We often use social media such as Twitter to share information such as Car Safety Ratings.

A special section on child motorcycle safety including information about motorcycle helmet safety.  is really important and we have found that these two topics are often discussed for adults but not necessarily for children.

There is a lot we can do to keep our children safe on the road. We can give our children great information and role model car (road) safety, have zero-tolerance driving rules along with ensuring our vehicles and road safety equipment meets current standards. The goal is to help establish excellent safety habits throughout life.
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