Child Motorcycle Safety

Your child may want to have a ride with you on your motorcycle, or you may want to give your child the experience of the ride. Either way, make sure your child understands and demonstrates various aspects of child motorcycle safety. Your child will need protective clothing and most importantly a helmet before getting on any motorcycle.

child motorcycle safety

Any child under 13 years should not be on a motorcycle ~ Importantly, the regulations governing children riding as a passenger on a motorcycle vary by region. Check your country, province, state or local road and safety Laws before allowing any child to ride with you. Regardless of their ages, motorcycles have particular safety requirements and risk associated with traveling on the road, driver safety and of course passenger safety. For some parents, no matter what age their children are, having them ride or drive a motorcycle is out of their comfort zone. Before you consider letting your child ride a bike, become informed of the risks and also the safety precautions that you can take if they are riding.

Always, Always Have a Helmet Just For Your Child

Buy your child their own motorcycle helmet ~ Do not give your child a spare helmet, another child’s helmet or any other type of loaner. Shop for a quality helmet that passes the proper safety standards. In order for the helmet to fully protect your child and prevent serious injury, a helmet must be fitted properly for them by a knowledgeable retailer. See Our Video Below for Tips. A helmet that is too big can actually cause them to lose their balance while riding. Take your child shopping and also use the time to talk about other safety tips – the more you teach them from a young age to practice responsible child motorcycle safety, the more likely they will grow up practicing safe riding.

Look for child safety clothing for your child before taking their first ride ~ Sunglasses, gloves, boots, long pants and long-sleeved jackets are some of the items you need to consider for your child to wear. These will keep the effects of the fast wind and bright sunshine out of their eyes, protect their feet and legs along with providing extra protection in case of a fall or collision.

Make Sure You Talk to Your Child About Passenger Responsibilities While Riding On a Motorcycle

Have a good support for your child’s feet on the motorcycle ~ Child motorcycle safety includes making sure your child has a comfort place for their feet to keep them steady during the ride. Shorter legs may not reach the floorboards of the motorbike, so they can either use the highway bars on your bike or you could have something custom made just for your child to place their feet on.

Explain passenger rules clearly to your child before getting on the bike ~ Your child must understand that they must not make sudden movements when riding with you. They must also know where to hold on to and how to sit on the passenger seat on your motorcycle. All passenger rules must be adhered to for the sake of safety and your child must understand them well. Do not let your child hold a toy on the motorcycle. A toy will definitely distract them from holding on to you, so avoid it completely. Your child can carry a small backpack in which they can put their toys until arrival. Never let your child let go of you on a motorcycle ride.

Know About Child Motorcycle Safety Before Your Child Rides

Know your responsibilities as a rider when carrying a child on the back ~ Different children will react differently to a ride on a motorcycle. Some may be more talkative than the average adult passenger while others may want to play at putting their arms out when the bike is moving. Some may even be soothed to sleep by the sound of the motorcycle. These different responses will need different ways of dealing with them. Keep your child awake throughout the ride, explain the rules to them that games are not allowed, and slow down your riding speed if your child talks a lot as you may be more distracted with the conversation.

Never let your child climb onto the motorcycle without your supervision ~ The motorbike may fall on them if nobody is there to assist the child to get on or off the bike. Let your child get onto the bike after you have started the engine and are seated on the motorcycle to steady it. Anytime before or after must be discouraged even if they know how it is done.

These tips on child motorcycle safety will help you and your child to enjoy your motorcycle without fear of accidents or injuries.

Choosing the Right Motorcylce Helmet

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