Car Seats

CarSeatSafetyforKidsCar seats safety is an extremely important aspect of keeping our children safe right from the first day they ride in a vehicle to go home from the hospital. Car (Road) Safety is one of easiest areas of personal safety we role model to our children and all children that travel with us in our cars. You can set an excellent example by making sure you wear your seat belt each and every time you’re in a car, regardless of how short the trip. Our children watch what we do and say every minute of the day, use your influence from the time they are little tots to give them the best chance at staying safe on our roads. A zero tolerance policy for your vehicle where the car simply does not move until all passengers and the driver are safely buckled in is an excellent habit to have – each time, every time.

Buckle Up Everytime!

When we are expecting our first baby, the process of learning about infant car seat safety, looking through all the different makes and models along with figuring out which features we want and need in a car seat is quite overwhelming. The first thing to do is plan ahead. Begin by becoming familiar with the child safety seat requirements for your local area as they are very different across and between countries. The second thing to do is contact your local transport office, public health office or police department and find out when a car seat clinic will take place in your community. Car seat clinics are a very valuable resource and a great way to go and ask the professionals, free of charge important questions. Whether your purchasing your first infant car seat or your child is growing and you’re upgrading to a child safety booster seat, make sure you re-visit the local car seat clinic in your area. This is a great tip if you purchase a new vehicle as well, don’t assume your particular safety seat fits the same in all vehicles.

Look For Car Seats Clinic in Your Community

Just a quick note for clarification. We have 2 pages here dedicated to car seats for older children, one is booster seats and the other titled: child safety booster seats. We know this may appear a bit confusing but we have lots to say and felt it was important to dedicate more space. If you are looking for general information, such as the basic types, first visit child safety booster seats. Then read the information on the booster seats page. We know there is a lot of duplication of information in the section car seats but we wanted to make sure if parents and care-givers only visit one page the important stuff would be there. If you’re reading through this entire section, we appreciate your understanding. We cannot be too careful when it comes to our children and their safety while traveling on the roads!

Fill Out the Warranty Card for Your Child’s Seat

Perhaps the biggest take-home message is that after you’ve done all your research, checked out the laws in your area, learned about all the different options available and finally decided on the best choice among all the different models and make that are available, we want to remind you to please fill out the warranty card and have an up to date address on file with the manufacturer in the event your product is subject to a car seat recall. We cannot stress this enough. It seems as if every day there is another post on the Internet or in the media about the recall of something, we know it’s hard to keep up but this is very important and after you’ve done all the hard work to make the best choice, it’s just devastating to hear about children injured while using a product that was recalled. We say it all the time here at New Child Safety, primary prevention is the best – avoid whatever you can, when you can in terms of risk, injury and accidents – this is an easy one, fill out the card for your car seats.

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