Infant Car Seats

Car accidents are sadly a common occurrence and they happen so fast. Every day there are serious injuries and deaths on our roads. Quality tested and approved infant car seats are mandatory for your children traveling in any type of vehicle on the road. Infant car seats are designed to protect your child in the event of a crash and must be properly installed to work effectively.

It is a legal requirement that infant car seats are safely secured in a car seat appropriate for their height and weight. If you are expecting a new baby in your family, it is important to do your homework and make sure you are selecting the best type of infant car seat well in advance of the arrival of your new little one. The majority of hospitals will require you have the car seat ready when you take your baby home. It is important to know the child safety seat requirements and laws that are in effect for where you live.

Here are some things you should know before buying and installing a car seat,

Your infant should always ride rear-facing. This particular type of seat provides a kind of double protection against the force of a head-on car accident. Your child will be facing the back of the seat, which will prevent the front passenger side airbags from hurting them and the back of the seat can also prevent any direct pressure on your child from the crash. A rear-facing infant seat is ideal because it will give your baby the optimal type of support while they are so young and small.

Always have your car seat inspected before placing your infant in it. Take the car seat to your nearest child safety passenger inspection station to make sure that the infant car seat meets the required regulations. Such car seat clinics are an excellent way to have trained professionals to show you how to install the car seat along with how to use different seat belts to support your child. Keep checking with the passenger inspection station routinely to safeguard the safety of your child as regulations and safety laws do change so remain informed.

Buy car seat accessories for comfort and safety for your child. Blankets, covers, sun shades and pads are available for you to use with your seat. You can buy them independently or together with the car seat and remember to have additional padding for your child especially when the neck is still fragile and cannot support the head yet. Additional safety belts can come in handy as well because the belt can wear out or you might have to change them to meet safety requirements. It is imperative that you use these accessories in accordance with safety regulations so be sure to take them along to the car seat clinic and get expert advice.

Convertible car seats can serve you for longer. A convertible car seat means that you can use the same seat when your child is very young in the rear-facing position and then change it to the front-facing position when your child grows. This style of a car seat can be a good economical choice and protect your child accordingly over time.

Find out about the different car seat manufacturers and recalls. Both before you make your purchase and while you are using a particular brand get up to speed on car seat recalls. Only choose reputable companies for your child safety car seat. Inspect all manufacture information to double check your car seat meets all safety requirements. Note that if you are traveling, for example between the United States and Canada, the car seat you are using may not be legal in the country you’re visiting. Also, never buy your car seat in another country unless you are 100% positive it meets the legal and safety requirements of where you live. Finally, you can sign up for recall alerts when you purchase the car seat so you can keep abreast of changes in safety regulations.

Amusement accessories will keep your child occupied while you drive. You want your child safely occupied when you are driving in order to fully concentrate on the road and arriving safely. Mobiles, toy attachments and other things that will entertain your child while you drive are readily available. This is an excellent habit to start while your child is very young, they must learn as they grow older that playing quietly in the car is important for everyone traveling.

Never, ever buy used equipment when it comes to car seats. his is a crucial piece of information and although there are times that saving money is important, please buy your car seat brand new from a reputable retailer. When you buy a used car seat you cannot be sure of the history of use, for example, has the seat ever been in a traffic collision? Does it meet safety standards? Is the make or model subject to a car seat recall? It is impossible to know these answers for sure so err on the side of caution and buy a brand new infant car seat.

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