Child Safety Home Checklist

safety at home

    • Proper Food Temperature

      Ensuring properly cooked food is not only good for our children but it’s important for all of our overall health. Under cooked food can result in illness that is 100% avoidable by following these simple tips.

    • Baby Gate

      Having a baby gate is a great idea for many reasons. As side from the obvious peace of mind knowing where your child is, there are many options when considering a baby gate, depending on what and where you want to use a baby gate will determine which gate is best for you. Here is what you should consider for baby gates.

    • Child Safety Gates for Stairs

      When selecting a baby gate for stairs there are a few unique challenges and considerations that should be made prior to purchasing a gate.


    • Child Safety Window Locks

      Window locks not only keep you child safe from being able to open or play with windows, but it also protects your home and family as well

  • Child Safety Fireplace

    Please ensure you pay extra attention to fireplace safety, this is a horrific accident for anyone to suffer from. There are a few precautions that can be taken with respect to a fireplace.

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