Child Safety in the Home

CHILD-SAFETY-IN-THE-HOMEChild Safety in the home is an extremely important topic for parents and caregivers to consider for the overall health and well-being of children. Very often we are focused on child safety in the home when our new baby arrives and this too is important but we must always be re-evaluating and upgrading all aspects of child safety in the home including the use of various devices and precautions to ensure child safety in the home as our children grow and when new members of the family come along.

 For many parents, accidents and injuries that happen right in our own homes are particularly devastating because we often feel guilty that we could have done more or should have thought about potential risks before there was an event. Well, here at New Child Safety we highlight some of the things you can consider right now.

We cover proper food temperature in the preparation and storing of food to prevent illness such as food poisoning. Of course, we also cover common topics such as baby gates and particularly child safety gates for stairs. Perhaps you already do a great job regarding child safety in the home and we’ll simply be able to provide some information to upgrade what you’re already doing such as child safety window locks. Conversely, we may be able to point out a few things that you have not yet thought about like child safety fireplace simply because your child is not at that stage yet – terrific, you’ll be ready!

An issue we are particularly passionate about is child safety in the home for grandparents or other occasional caregivers. There is nothing more devastating to a Grandma or Grandpa than having their grandchildren have an accident or worse being injured while they were visiting for the day or staying overnight. We know that it is likely many years since grandparents have had to think about this topic so we encourage you to share this information with your whole family. It is a great idea to have extended family to bookmark the site and stay informed too!

Child safety and specifically child safety in the home is an integral part of a child’s overall safety and well-being. Whether it is for day-to-day living in our homes or when our child is away from home and visiting or staying overnight elsewhere, we as parents and caregivers need information. New Child Safety is improving the well-being of our children by informing everyone in order to keep our children safe from accidents and injuries, especially those caused at home.

We have placed a few helpful child safety items for the home below. Our motto is that we are all responsible for child safety so let’s get started looking through the information, getting up to date and all doing whatever we can today to keep our children safe.