Baby Gates for Stairs

CHILD-SAFETY-IN-THE-HOME-Child-Safety-Gates-For-Stairs-1Child safety gates and specifically baby gates for stairs are necessary for every household that has young children. Kids are prone to all sorts of accidents, which parents must strive to prevent, such as falling down the stairs, out of windows or reaching into the fireplace. There are a number of things that parents and caregivers should understand about how to select and use a child safety gate for stairs.

Never use a pressure based baby gate for stairs~It is extremely risky to use pressure mounted child safety gates at the top of stairwells because these types of gates are easily installed and just as easily dismounted. Your baby could simply lean up against it or try to push their way through the gate and it would indeed come off. Always use permanently installed gates for stairs so that your child cannot get past.

Never buy a second-hand gate~Resist it even if the deal is great. The gate may not be up to safety standards, and you may end up losing much more than the few dollars you saved if your child is injured. Place your child’s safety as a top priority and purchase a baby gate for stairways that are dependable, certified and new.

Once You Understood the Two Points Above, Now Proceed to Find Out the Types of Child Safety Gates for Stairs 

The first type of baby gates for stairs is a gate with a screw fitting ~It is easy to install and can be used very well on a staircase or in a doorway. If fitted correctly, the gate will not come lose, regardless of how much pressure the child puts on the gate. A screw fitting stair gate has no bar across the bottom which means that there are minimal chances of tripping at the top of the stairs. You will need to know how to use drilling equipment to install this type of gate.

Another type of child safety gate is a pressure fitting gate~As the warning earlier stated, they should never be used on top of a staircase, but you can use them at the BOTTOM of the stairs as an extra safety precaution. You will not need equipment or adhesives to set up a pressure mounted gate because they expand until they fit into the space provided. They are flexible in that they can also be used in various locations around the house and can be dismounted quite easily.

A retractable stair gate is another gate you can choose for your stairs. They are ideal because they can withstand high amounts of pressure and can be retracted and moved out of the way, but may be more expensive than other types of stair gates. Retractable child safety gates for stairs, due to their unique features are made using more durable materials and can serve well over the time that you will need it, especially if you have another baby in your home in the future, either your own or if you are providing child-care.

Wooden stair gates provide a distinctive advantage for households because you may customize this type of gate. You can paint them to match the color of your staircase or modify them to incorporate them into your decor. Wooden stair gates will provide safety for your child and still look great in your home.
After making the decision about the type of child safety gate you want to purchase, there are additional details that you need to know before handing over your money. Make sure that the child safety gate is certified by a regulatory standard. Certification of the manufacturer will give you a better guarantee of safety for your child, rather than purchasing one that is not recognized. Safety standards are what should guide you in buying the gate.CHILD SAFETY IN THE HOME-Child-Safety- Gates-For-Stairs-2

Close the child safety gate at all times~Even after your baby falls asleep, close the gate. You may never know when they might wake up without calling for attention and crawl to dangerous places in your home. This habit also helps you confirm that the gate locks are fully functional. There are auto-close gates that are available, and as the name suggests, they lock themselves and keep your baby inside. These are ideal in case you forget to close the gate yourself and in stairway areas, this is extremely important.

Remember that child safety gates have a time limit~Safety gates, no matter how much you may want it, can never be used forever. They are only applicable until your child is about two years old, so you have to teach your child about the places to avoid before they stop using the gates. Simple and gradual indications that the kitchen is unsafe or that they should be careful on the stairs will make your work easier after the safety gates are no longer in use.

Choose child safety gates for stairs that come with auto close locks. This feature will give you more peace of mind because they will lock themselves and keep your child safer from falling down the stairs. These locks should also be child proof because your child will be curious and want to open the gate on their own. The lock should be impossible for the child but easy for an adult.

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