Child Safety Window Locks

CHILD-SAFETY-IN-THE-HOMENumerous cases are reported every day of children getting injured from falling through windows, with some even dying from the impact of the fall. Kids will always be attracted to the outdoors and setting a child safety window lock on every window in your home will prevent injury to your child.

Window locks have a simple but important function, which is to keep the window from opening all the way. This is vital for child safety because for example if your child runs to the window because they hear the ice-cream truck outside or Mommy coming home from work, the excitement will cause them to run right into the window. With a window lock, the child will be prevented from the force going right through the screened or open window.

There are some factors that you should consider when looking to install child safety window locks in your home.

Window locks are still required even with a screen~The window screen does not provide any protection from falls because it is only a thin covering that will give under the push of your hand, let alone under the force and weight of your child. A window lock will not give your child the chance to reach the screen thus protecting your child from falling through.

Consider the older children in the household~In many cases, older children are instructed to unlock the window  when opening the windows for fresh air. It is unwise to allow older children to unlock the window when there are younger children in the home. NCS recommends permanent window locks that only adults open.


Burglar bars are not substitutes for a child safety window lock~Some individuals install burglar barriers for the sake of security and then assume that children will be safe as well. The problem with this is that the gaps in the burglar bars may be small enough to prevent even a small adult going through; however, the bars can be wide enough for a child to fit through and fall out of the window. Have both window locks and burglar bars for your home to ensure all types safety and security.

Window locks are not only for those living in high-rise buildings~Some people feel that only those living in an apartment building have a need for child safety window locks; however, this simply isn’t true. If you have a second story in your home window locks are an excellent safety feature.

Have some plants and bushes underneath window sills to cushion any fall~This is a landscaping technique that can enhance the safety of your child. Sometimes your child will figure out how to open the window lock. Other times you may genuinely forget to lock it properly. In any of these cases, your child can have a much safer landing on a flower bed than on the ground, which makes it a worthy precaution to take.

Consult a professional to learn about your lock options~A Child safety window locks are affordable and easy to install. Speaking with a child safety expert, especially from a window lock company, will help you understand the different types of locks and which model to choose for your home’s window designs.

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