Fire Safety Checklist

Fire Safety is an important subject, children routinely practise fire safety at school, many of us practise fire safety at work and it’s equally important to address fire safety at home. Even just having a plan can save your families lives. Use these tips as a guide to help teach your children about fire safety at home

fire safety

    • Child Fire Safety

      In the event of a fire, it can be a natural response to panic, for a child, this can be much worse. Prepare your child a head of time so he or she knows what to do if there is ever a fire. There are also many household items and products hat can pose a fire risk. Fire-proof your home, it’s worth the time and money.

  • Fire Safety Tips

    Here are a few great fire safety tips to follow around your house. By taking the time to ensure each of these tips are done correctly in your home, you and your family will not only be reducing the risk of a fire related accident in your home, but you will also be prepared in the event there is a sudden fire.

All New Child Safety Checklists

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