Fire Safety for Kids

FIRE-SAFETY-FOR-KIDS-1Fire Safety for Kids is a key component of overall child safety and needs dedicated teaching time along with consistent role-modeling to develop. We can simply teach our children by regularly checking our smoke detector alarms and by having house and family fire safety rules.

There are numerous resources available in every community such as fire safety week, where we can participate with our children and as a family reinforcing and remaining informed about the best fire safety for kids including how to plan and practice fire drills in our homes. Also, it is important to talk about the use and storage of lighters and other flammable materials. These events are often fun for the kids and as parents, we too always learn something important that may save us from a family tragedy.

We are always promoting primary prevention here on the New Child Safety website and this section of information will refresh some things you’ve always known about fire safety but perhaps had not thought about in quite some time.

Additionally, as our children grow or when we have a major change in life like a new baby or moving to a new home, we can forget some basic precautions and simple things to do. Small and consistent changes, like regularly practicing a fire drill at home can go a long way to preventing a major incident should you have a fire in your house. Giving time and attention to the area of fire safety for kids when are children are young and using a checklist for help allows us to teach and role model important information that will keep them safe all through their lives.

The following specific Fire Safety for Kids topics below cover a great deal of Fire Safety for Kids information and we are continually updating particular topics. For example, our next section will focus specifically on fire safety for a preschool child and very young children. We know having a fire in your home is a very serious and traumatic event for the whole family and we want to help you prevent it from happening in the first place.

We’re dedicated to a child’s overall safety and well-being. During the winter months and holidays, it is especially important to stay mindful of fire safety for kids. New Child Safety is improving the well-being of our children by informing everyone about child safety.

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