Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety Week, also called Fire Prevention Week is one week of the year dedicated to educating families and children on the measures that they can take to prevent dangers that fire presents to households present.

For example, in Canada National Home Fire Safety Week is November 24 – 30 and in the United States in 2019  Fire Safety Week is October 9 to 16. Specifically, October the 9th is Fire Prevention Day. Regardless of geographical location, fire safety weeks often help children participate in a series of fun activities such as songs, stories, art projects, and many others focused on theme activities. Search ‘Fire Safety Week’ for your community and commit to participating with your family this year.

 Fire safety and rescue services often provide ‘open’ days where people can go to receive information about fire safety from professionals.  It is an excellent idea to include grandparents, caregivers and importantly your babysitter if you have someone who regularly comes into your home to provide care.

Resources for parents during Fire Safety Week are plentiful, one being the chance to talk with professionals in the fire prevention industries about measures to provide child fire safety in their homes. Parents and caregivers are also offered the opportunity to learn about the various safety equipment options available for making their homes fire safe, such as childproof sockets and lighters and how to childproof other electrical equipment in their home. Parents can also get guidance on how to teach their children the best child safety practices in a way that will prepare the family on how to handle fires.

fire safety

Resources for kids are also available, such as lessons for school children and books that contain information that educate them on fire safety. They are instructed on how to behave during a fire in such creative and stimulating methods through skits, plays, and story reading.

One important provision is that Fire Safety Week helps children meet and interact with firefighters and importantly familiarizes children with the firefighter’s uniforms. This helps to reduce any fear children may. Also, should your child ever experience a fire, this can really help desensitize a child to the trauma of seeing a firefighter wearing a mask, which can be quite frightening for any child unless they are aware of the fireman’s uniform and gear. Children are also taught how to behave should a fire breaks out in their schools.

There are also materials provided during the safety week such as fire safety checklists and worksheets for parents and caregivers, coloring sheets for children and other free resources that can be kept in the home and used routinely for your family’s fire safety plan. Teachers are also included in the Fire Safety Week because they interact with children at school. Lesson plans for fire prevention are incorporated into the school curriculum during the week.

Innovative approaches to fire safety are demonstrated to parents and children, giving families the chance to be proactive and creative in their means of preventing fires in their homes. It is recognized that every home has its own unique way of doing things and there is room for originality in the child fire safety measures that they can take. This applies especially when planning fire escape methods, where professional fire-rescue officers highlight the different types of house plans and the best ways to take in case of a fire.

The key to providing fire safety that is emphasized in the annual Fire Safety Week is recognizing the potential dangers and sources of fires for children and families. Some of the causes of fires in the home are reviewed, and parents are given a number of sobering statistics about cases of injuries and deaths from fires in the home. Common causes of fires include cooking-related fires, smoking indoors, arson by adults or children, heating and electrical malfunctions, and the most disconcerting realization is that all these are preventable. Parents are therefore taught how to prevent them during Fire Safety Week.

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