Halloween Safety

HOLIDAY-SAFETYHalloween is such a fun time for our children, the dressing up in costumes and of course getting their Halloween candy is exciting and fun for everyone. During the preparation for Halloween and especially while out trick-or-treating it is extremely important to follow basic Halloween safety tips.

Kids can easily become distracted and very excited during Halloween and accidents do happen.
Halloween safety is absolutely essential each year, and you can easily ensure no unhappy goblins by following a few basic ideas we’ve provided below:

Costumes and Make-Up

We’ve all heard about making sure a child’s costume allows them to see clearly, move about without tripping and make sure they’re comfortable; however, there are a few other things about how a child dresses for tricker-treating that can keep them safe.

If a child is wearing make-up

Masks can cause problems in seeing clearly, many children wear make-up as a safe alternative to masks. Many parents choose make-up as a great alternative. But, before your child must wear it for the first time test a small area of skin, at least 24 hours before just to make sure there is no allergy to the make up your using. Don’t just test anywhere as different areas of the body may be more sensitive so a good idea is to test around the back of the neck or behind the ears, close to where the child will actually apply their make up for Halloween.

Does the Costume Have Accessories or Props?

If the costume has accessories, such as a Fairy Wand or a Sword make a close inspection for sharp edges, broken pieces and if plastic, cracks. These items can really make a costume look terrific but they can hurt! A Halloween safety idea is to home-make the costume accessories out of safe material such as poster board or cardboard. Some children can become very excited about the big night and will be ‘in character’, so if they have an accessory such as a pretend knife or sword make sure they understand that the props are for fun so when showing their friend they meet up with or Grandma what a great Pirate they are, go over the safety rules so they understand how to ‘play safe’

Put A Couple of Safe Treats From Home in their Pockets

Every year we tell our children to make sure they bring home ALL the candy before they have some. This is excellent and crucial advice to keeping our children safe but one that is very difficult for them to do – and we can all understand the call of some chocolate! Many children have been checking out the treats Mom or Dad brought home for the big night so have them choose a couple of treats, make sure they know these are the safe treats and if they would like one while they are out getting goodies these are a great safe choice. Avoid gum, hard candy or other items that are easy to choke on, especially while they are out moving about and excited to get to the next house. Important! Please do not let your child choose a peanut treat to take with them. As many of us have children with serious peanut allergies, your child ‘share’ a safe treat so no peanuts, please!

Your House

To help your child understand how important safety is have them help you make your house safe. Have them look outside their house, on the driveway, walkway, front porch, etc and see if they can find things that should be moved for the tricker-treaters coming to your house. Suggest putting a battery operated tea-light in your pumpkin instead of a candle, remove any item a child or adult may trip over, let them decide what lights to put on and get them to ‘test’ approaching the door to see if the visibility up to your door is good.

Pet Safety

Don’t forget about pet safety on Halloween too. If you have pets, have your child help get them settled in the house somewhere with their own pet treat for Halloween so their pet is also safe and not able to run outside.