Interent Safety Checklist

We live in a very technologically drive world with easy access to all kinds of different information. The Internet is an excellent tool and can also be an excellent source of fun, however, we all need to make wise Internet decisions and children need to be taught from the very beginning how to stay safe on the computer and when online. These checklists covering several internet related safety concerns will help

safety at home

    • Computer Safety

      Having a computer is a must in the most households. There are many threats to be cautious of with respect to a computer, follow this check this to ensure your computer and your family are safe.

    • Personal Safety

      The Internet is a vast interconnected source of information, our personal information is important for a number of very obvious reasons. Keeping our personal information from falling into the wrong hands can be a challenge. Use this personal safety checklist to help ensure you and other members of your family are protected online.

    • Chat Room Safety

      Teach your children as soon as he or she starts using a computer about how to interact with other people especially strangers when in chat rooms. It’s a very common feature of many websites so expect your child will stumble across a chat room unexpectedly even before you think they may be using regularly.

  • Cyber Bullying

All New Child Safety Checklists

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