Internet Safety

We all know the Internet gives our kids a lot of benefits and opens up their whole world. Along with the great things about the Internet, we must also deal with opposite and serious issues our children and teens expose themselves to while spending time online. Recent research shows how our engagement with social media is increasing across our devices and this is also true for our young people. Our children’s online use, including communications, interactions and use of all types of social sharing websites is important to understand and keep track of on an on-going basis to keep our children safe.

For those of us who are parents or grandparents, we remember our parents teaching us about crossing the street and to be careful talking to strangers. Today, we must know and understand what our children are doing when they spend time online. Their privacy, safety and well-being depend on it. For some child caregivers, the technology alone in using a device to access the Internet along with the dizzying number of social sharing sites online are overwhelming. However, we must have internet safety rules. There are tools to help.

there are tools to help learn and monitor our children’s online activities

February 7, 2017, was Safer Internet Day. has a number of useful tools and information whether you have a child in grade 3 or an older child who is facing an issue while online such as cyberbullying. Have a look at videos, information sheets and activity books.

If you’re just not sure where to start, visit the ‘Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety Infographic from Educational Technology Infographics. This resource will quickly bring you up to speed about our kids and their online activities.

Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety Infographic

child safety online requires up-to-date information

A final resource we want to leave you with this visit is the ‘Think U Know website. There is a wealth of information and if you are in the UK, information about reporting an online incident. Importantly, from the home page scroll to the bottom and look for resources for specific age groups. Importantly, there is a section for educators. All the resources and links will help you when you are creating internet safety rules for your child or students to follow while using the Internet.

For many parents and grandparents, knowing the risks of using social media, cyber bullying, sexting and so much more are challenging issues. Start by using the resources New Child Safety has provided in this article. There are so many important topics regarding Internet safety that we cannot write about them all in this post. However, we do cover many more Internet safety topics on our website. You can follow the links if you would like to read about more specific topics in this section such as computer safety and particularly chat room safety and personal safety while on the Internet our motto is that we are all responsible for child safety so let’s get started looking through the information, getting up to date and all doing whatever we can today to keep our children safe.

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