Internet Safety

InternetSafetyforKidsInternet Safety is very important to teach along with other computer safety topics right from the time your child begins to use a computer. In fact, you will find many teachable moments about computer safety and more specifically Internet safety as your child watches you and other family members use the computer.

Our topics in the area of Internet safety begin with general computer safety and a discussion about personal safety while using a computer and surfing the Internet. Two very important things we want you to know about are Chat Room Safety such as social networking sites when we use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so much more. The second really important issue is cyber bullying.

Just as you’ll come across incidents where your son or daughter will come home from school, upset because someone hurt their feelings or worse physically hurt them, you need to know about the bullying that takes place on the Internet called cyber bullying. This situation can get out of hand very quickly so we hope you’ll feel more informed after reading through this section.

We always promote primary prevention and this is particularly important when it comes to Internet safety. Our children are growing up in an electronic age and soon use and understand this type of technology better and in more complex ways than the adults in their lives. By keeping up, logging on to a social networking account like Facebook, you’ll understand more about the world they live in. Keeping them safe online is important as they grow and we too need to role model these behaviors and tips for our kids, along with keeping our personal safety and identity protected.

The following specific Internet Safety topics below cover a great deal of information and we are continually updating. For example, our next section will focus specifically on what we’re terming E-Safety and talk about cell phone use and some safety issues you’ll want to know about.

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