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The New Child Safety Newsletter is a regular publication of the NCS site. We deliver our newsletter right to our reader’s in-box as a quarterly publication. Our first edition is coming this Winter. We will feature highlights of past research and media information, which you may have missed. Also, we will focus in on one or two topics in each publication to get you up to speed quickly on certain topics. As we all look forward to the holiday season, our first issue will focus on topics about winter safety such as Fire Safety as we begin to gather around our fireplaces. Also, for our southern hemisphere friends, we will cover other holiday safety tips too. Finally, our Journal is fun for the kids! We have a section for colouring and fun pages where your child can have fun with you while you talk about child safety with them in an interactive and fun way. We want to make sure we’re ready for the fun and family time no matter what season it is for our readers.

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