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New Child Safety

Child safety is imperative to our children’s development and overall well-being. New Child Safety is committed to providing important information for all of us who care about our children.

As our children grow from infancy through the preschool years, grow up and go off to school, explore their environment and expand their social networks, parents, caregivers, teachers, and the community are responsible for child safety.

New Child Safety puts practical, updated child safety information together so we can talk, teach, and role model safety to our children.

New Child safety is comprised of a partnership along with a network of Associates. The core team of New Child Safety is a multifaceted group of experts in areas of safety, security, and research. Importantly, each team member is a parent, thus New Child Safety is dedicated to the well-being of not only our own children but yours as well. Beyond parenting, we are here to connect and provide caregivers, teachers and the whole community of people where our child live and play with information to stay informed about child safety.

Our choice of topics to cover everything from child safety in the home, Internet safety and car and road safety to name a few. New Child Safety brings together information from many different perspectives and topics in order to give you the information you’re looking for in order to keep your child safe.

At New Child Safety, the experiences and expertise of a safety and security specialist and an academic and social researcher ensure you are up to date and well informed across all areas of child safety. For our detailed experience and background visit Safety and Security Specialist and the Director of Research Service pages

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