Stranger Danger

StrangerDangerforKidsStranger Danger is perhaps one of the most frightening and stressful child safety topics for parents and caregivers to think about and prepare our children to face as they grow up and continue to spend more and more time away from both us and home. For some of us, this topic is difficult to know how to handle, we want to prepare out children to react well in a number of situations while at the same time build their independence without scaring the living daylights out of them.

We are here to help. As we often say, staying informed and having some concrete suggestions to take and incorporate into your parenting style and strategies can help parents feel empowered to handle the situation and at the same time keep our children safe.

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For many parents striking the balance in dealing with stranger danger of teaching our children what to watch out for and how to be prepared without giving the impression that all strangers or people who we do not know are bad is the tough part. However, we must also face the reality that there are individuals in our communities who would put our children in a very dangerous situation and we are all aware that every day, somewhere a child goes missing at the hands of a child molester or sex offender. We want you to have some practical tips and suggestions about what to do and we strongly encourage you to read through this whole section and develop your own plan that is right for you, your child and your family.

We begin with an explanation regarding the Amber Alert system developed in the United States and found now around the world. Going through this information BEFORE you are faced with a crisis will help you know what to do should your child ever go missing – we know that all parents would prefer not to think about this, it is very distressing. Being prepared can help save your child. Also, we cover details about the sex offender registry and sex offenders in general.

Other important pages in this topic area take a very pro-active approach to keeping your child safe and tell you about the technology and things to look for in a child tracking device, we explain how the technology works so you can consider whether or not this is a device you may want to invest in. If you do, read the child safety locator page that has some tips on more detailed items to consider and reminders about simple things like having extra batteries on hand to ensure the device works for you each and every time.


Child safety and specifically Stranger Danger is a very important part of raising an independent and empowered child. Whether we are at the stage where we are worried about our little ones becoming separated from us at the mall or have older teens branching out and spending more and more time away from home, we as parents and caregivers need information. New Child Safety is improving the well-being of our children by informing everyone in order to keep our children safe from those people in our society who prey on our kids.

The following specific Stranger Danger topics below cover a lot of information and we will continually update this area. Our motto is that we are all responsible for child safety so let’s get started looking through the information, getting up to date and all doing whatever we can today to keep our children safe.

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