Summer Safety Checklists

During the summer season, it’s only natural to spend more time outside. There are wonderful activities to enjoy from hiking and camping to everyday activities, there are lots to do. Summer Safety covers a variety of topics. Here are several checklists to help ensure you and your family is safe this summer season.

safety at home

    • Firework Safety

      Fireworks can be a beautiful display of colour, light, and magic, however, we recommend this is left to the professionals. No matter where you are watching or dealing with firework shows there are important firework safety considerations to keep in mind, these safety checklists will help.

    • Hurricane Safety

      Being prepared to handle a natural disaster such as a hurricane can save the lives of yourself and your family. There are several steps to take to ensure hurricane safety which these checklists will aid you in planning for a natural disaster and help you teaching your children how to be prepared.

    • Hiking Safety

      Exploring hiking trails and the outdoors is a great family activity. Use this checklist to ensure you plan a safety wise hiking trip with your family.

    • Camping Safety

      Camping in a great outdoor activity during the summer. When camping plan ahead and you will have an excellent time with your friends and family. These camping safety checklists will help you get started.

  • Lightning Safety

    Although lightning storms can be a pleasant visual experience there are several safety concerns that must be taken seriously. Lightning Safety is commonly overlooked since we are all in a sense used to lightning, however, this is an important summer safety issue. Use this checklist to ensure lightning safety for those around you.


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