Summer Safety

SummerSafetyforKidsSummer Safety is something we all need to know about before we head out to enjoy all the good weather and holiday time. This area is particularly important as we are often on vacation, visiting new and unfamiliar locations or just simply relaxed and out of our normal routines, precisely the time when accidents and injury can happen and we may not be as prepared as we normally are around home.

Our topics include excellent safety tips for you and your family while camping or hiking in the great outdoors. We also cover a few areas that are specific to the season’s weather such as lightning safety and in late summer early fall hurricane safety. These are definitely worth reviewing as preparedness is a huge part of being safe in a storm – know both what to do and what to have on hand should you and your family face a serious weather situation.

What would summer safety be without considering fireworks safety? We all love to watch a brilliant fireworks show and we strongly encourage you and your family to participate in celebrations that take place in supervised public areas. Should you decide to have some fireworks at home, please read through our fireworks safety section beforehand.

The following specific Summer Safety topics below cover a great deal of information and we are continually updating. Our future topics for will provide you with tips on boating safety and particular things to think about if you live or travel in a trailer so check back often to see what’s new.

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