Sun Safety For Kids

There are many reasons why parents should be concerned about sun safety for kids. Increasing temperatures worldwide along with the impact of UV rays put more people at risk of sunburns and skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays from the sun not only affect the skin but also our eyes and immune systems. Despite all these factors, children will be children and still love to be out in the sun having fun. It is quite impossible and ill-advised to discourage their time in the sunshine playing, so parents and caregivers need to be up to date on summer sun safety along with passing important life-long habits on to their children.

Some children’s sun exposure is a greater risk compared to others. For example, if there is a history of skin conditions and skin cancer in the family. Also, sun safety for babies is paramount and should begin when your child is an infant and continue throughout their life. Additionally, if a child has very fair skin, develops moles on their skin, the sun will most likely put them at a greater risk of developing a skin condition including skin cancer later in their life.


With this information, the main question on your mind may be, “How can I keep my child safe from the sun?” The answer: there is no way you can keep your bundle of joy away from the sun. You can only keep them safe in the sun, and there are plenty of ways to ensure sun safety for kids.

Stay out of the sun when it is the hottest outside~Parents and caregivers should be keen to notice the movements of the sun provide the best sun safety. From about 10 or 11 in the morning, all the way through the afternoon up to 4 in the late afternoon, the rays of the sun are the most intense and sometimes at the same level with the vigor of your child!

If they are playing next door with friends, at play group in your community or in the back yard, ensure that they have their sunscreen on at all times. Also, be aware that sunburn does not have to occur only at the beach – it can occur anywhere the sun shines and even on seemingly cloudy days.

Choose the right materials for summer clothes~When shopping for the summer clothes, there is one small thing that you can do to choose protective clothing for yourself and your kids. Simply put your hand underneath the material. If you can see your hand underneath it, place it back on the rack. If you cannot see your hand underneath, that is a better material to protect against the sun. The more tightly woven the material, the lesser the UV rays can reach the skin.

Know how to apply sunscreen the right way~An important aspect for sun safety for kids is the use of sunscreen and sun block. Yes, there is a method to applying sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen on your child about 30 minutes before they go out in the sun. This will provide the melatonin safety that they require. Apply the sunscreen on the “forgettable” areas – the places that you would normally overlook on your child’s body. The lips, ears, feet, shoulders and the back of the neck need some screen.

Also, reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours as recommended by dermatologists~Do it after your child has had a swim, because water will have washed away the protective layer on their skin. The same logic applies to children engaging in sports activities where they are sweating. Apply it generously. The measures are taken to ensure sun safety for kids are more important than the number of sunscreen bottles you will go through in a season so stock up, use liberally and don’t forget to check the expiry dates! Sunscreen leftover from last year may be past the due date thus, provide no protection for your child.

Make sunscreen time fun!~Children often complain when mommy or daddy is eating up their playtime with all the gooey sunscreen stuff. Have fun with your child when protecting their skin from the harmful effects of the sun. It will give the kids something to look forward to as well as create a habit that they will hold onto for a long time in their lives. Child safety sun wear such as hats and sunglasses should be incorporated into the pre-playtime routine to gear the kids up for fun in the sun.

These simple measures will go a long way to creating the best habits for your child and pass on valuable information geared towards sun safety for kids throughout their lives.

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