Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

This particular topic is very important to us at New Child Safety as these accidents can be prevented and the best strategy for that is primary prevention or making sure it doesn’t happen in the first place. Here are some excellent safety tips to help ensure no accidents happen.

    • Child Safety Deck

      Having a deck can act as a safe precaution and of course, there is also all the benefits that come along with a deck for relaxing. Here are some important things to consider when installing a deck.

    • Child Safety Pool Fence

      Having a pool fence is an excellent step in providing a safe environment around your swimming pool. There are several types of fence options to consider when picking the type of fence that will work best for you and your family.

    • Child Hot Tub Safety

      Hot tub safety for kids is greatly overlooked. There are several unique precautions to take when children are using and playing around hot tubs.

    • Pool Safety Covers

      A pool cover is a must! We have all tripped over our own 2 feet at some point in our lives, some children are especially skilled at this. Having a simple pool cover will save lives.

swimming pool safety

    • Above Ground Pool Covers

      Not only is this a simple step to take to ensure there are no accidents, but having a pool cover will also benefit the overall maintenance of your pool.

    • Above Ground Pool┬áSafety

      Having an Above Ground Pool has unique challenges with respect to child safety. There is no limit to what can be done to ensure all kids are perfectly safe while in and around the pool.

    • Swimming Pool Alarm

      Having a swimming pool alarm installed can be a great asset. As with a swimming pool fence, there are several options with respect to swimming pool alarms.

  • Child Safety Pool

    Simple tips to follow to ensure all children around pools are safe and prevent any tragic accident.

All New Child Safety Checklists

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