Above Ground Pool Covers

An above ground pool can be a source of great enjoyment in the home, but without the correct swimming safety mechanisms in place, your child is at a greater risk of injury or accidental drowning. It is a huge mistake to assume that because the pool is above ground level your child cannot gain access to it. Once your child is able to crawl, he or she can learn how to go up the steps to the pool, which of course to a child can be a great challenge and quite fun to attempt. One safety measure you can take is to use one of the many types of above ground pool covers. We have previously discussed pool safety covers in general on a previous page but felt it was important to specifically talk about above ground pool covers particularly as an above ground pool is often a better economical way for a family to enjoy a backyard pool thus, above ground pools are a common backyard feature for many households.

Above group pool covers are absolutely important to have installed on your above ground pool regardless if your swimming pool comes with an automatic pool safety cover or alternatively requires manual uncovering and covering the pool each time you use it. Make it a habit to always cover the pool when nobody is using it, especially when you are not home and during the night. There are a number of things to consider when choosing an above ground safety cover.


The material should be appropriate for your child’s age~Choose the material that the above ground pool cover is made of according to the size and age of your kids. A mesh cover with wide spaces may not be advisable if you have very little children whose feet or hands could get caught in the spaces. There are some pool safety covers made out of solid material which is ideal to support the weight of your child without giving way (for more in-depth detail about weight factors visit pool safety covers).

Seasonal pool covers are not safety covers~Do not purchase a winter cover and use it as an above ground safety cover all year round because the two types of covers are built very differently. A proper pool safety cover is what you should get first for the sake of your child’s safety rather than a cover to keep out falling leaves and winter debris.

Above ground pool covers are relatively expensive~Be prepared to spend some money on your above ground pool cover. Do check out multiple suppliers and competitors to get the best deal possible. Above ground pool covers are less easy to find compared to in-ground safety pool covers; therefore, retailers that stock them may charge a higher price. Investigate buying one at the beginning of pool season versus a possible lower price at the end of the pool season, where the dealer may not want to hold the cover in inventory during the off-season so your selection may be limited. However, do not let the cost of the safety cover stop you from making the best decisions for your swimming pool safety.

Get the cover custom made for your pool~This can be done by professional safety cover companies especially if you have an irregular shaped pool. You could choose to have a rectangular cover placed on your above ground pool, but this plan does not work out as well as with an in-ground pool. Shape the cover to suit your pool for maximum safety. You will be grateful for the extra cost later.

Combine other safety measures with above ground pool covers~ou In addition to your above ground pool cover, you must also ensure that the child safety fence around your pool is always locked with child-proof latches. Add a swimming pool alarm to your list of swimming pool safety devices and keep your child under close supervision. Trusting your above ground pool cover alone to keep your child safe is too risky and against swimming pool regulations. Put every measure in your home and pool to make swimming safety a reality in your household.

Install the safety cover on the pool safety deck~Your above ground pool must have a child safety deck as per swimming pool regulations. These regulations will vary across different countries and within regions of the same country so be sure to visit your local specialty pool store and speak with a local professional. Conversely, you can search local, state, provincial or national Internet sites to find the correct information for your region.

These measures will make your above ground pool a child safe pool that you can enjoy with your family and add to your peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can to make sure your family adheres to excellent swimming pool safety practices.

Above Ground Pool Covers