Above Ground Pool Safety

An above ground pool can be a source of great enjoyment in the home, but without the correct swimming safety mechanisms in place, your child is still at risk of drowning. It is wrong to assume that because the pool is above ground level your child cannot have access to it. Once your child is able to crawl, he or she can learn how to go up the steps to the pool, and you ought to be aware of that. A number of things can be done to ensure swimming safety.


These measures make your above ground pool a child safety pool that you can use for enjoyment with your family

Know the swimming pool regulations in your state~ay Before setting up your above ground pool or if you move into a home that has one, take the time to know about of finding out what the definition of a swimming pool, which is any containment or structure that holds water more than 24 inches deep, is for your area and which safety regulations you are required to adhere to in your backyard.

Install a child safety fence around your swimming pool~A protective fence around the pool will ensure that your child does not have access to the pool. The fence height will be specific to the law in your area. Make sure the fence gate/access point latches right at the top well beyond the reach of children.

Install a child safety deck around your swimming pool~A protective deck around the pool will ensure that your child does not have access to the pool. The pool fence keeps children out of the backyard and water area. The desk is an added barrier when children may be out in the yard but are not using the pool. The deck should be at least 4 feet tall with latches right at the top away from your child’s curious hands.

Get a functioning swimming pool alarm installed~You will need to be alert about your child’s movements in your home, and a pool alarm system will immediately warn you of activity in your pool. If your child happens to slip and fall into the pool, the alarm will go off and allow you to rescue the child from drowning. The alarm should be audible enough not just to be heard in your home but also by the neighbors and it should go off immediately your child touches the surface of the water. Test this alarm regularly and be sure to double check you can hear the alarm from inside your home with all the windows closed, air conditioner funning and in the presence of any background noise such as a television or computer running.

Your above ground pool should have a pool safety cover~Above ground pool safety covers are absolutely important to have over top of your pool. Whether your swimming pool comes with an automatic pool safety cover or yours requires manual installation, make it a habit to always cover the pool when nobody is using it, especially when you are not home and during the night. See for other details regarding safety pool covers.

The ladder or steps to the pool should be secured~In case the height of the pool is good enough to keep your child away from climbing it, the access route to your pool should always be locked and surrounded by a barrier. You do not want your child to have any means of climbing their way into the pool. When the pool is in use you want to ensure your ladder is secured, firm and steady properly to avoid injuries.

Pool cleaning tools and chemical safely stored~Cleaning pools use a lot of suction and circulation equipment that can be just as dangerous for your child as the pool itself. Such tools operate by electricity and power suction pressure which combined with water can lead to electrocution or entrapment respectively. Keep these tools under lock and key and only use them when your child is nowhere nearby. Of course the same applies to chemicals used in the cleaning process.

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