Child Safety Pool Fence

SWIMMING-POOL-SAFETY-Child-Safety-Pool-Fence-1Prevention is a hundred times better than any cure when it comes to your child’s safety. A swimming pool in your home must be treated as a significant safety issue and having a pool necessitates you must take all precautions possible including a child safety pool fence.

There are several types of pool fences made from a variety of materials. The different materials often determine the price. It is imperative to consider exactly what you want in terms of protection from a fence along with how the fence will impact the space of your pool area and either aid or detract from the aesthetics of your backyard. Most importantly consider the characteristics of your child and children that may visit your home and select the best type of child safety pool fence for your family’s safety needs, a material and design that matches the look of your backyard and one that fits your budget.

Most importantly consider the characteristics of your child and children that may visit your home and select the best type of child safety pool fence for your family’s safety needs.

Aluminum fencing~sIs one of the best types of fencing both for swimming safety in your home and durability. Fences constructed from aluminum are durable because they do not rust and can last a lifetime if well maintained and fixed when necessary. Mostly they are very popular due to their resistance to weather changes and decorative nature. They provide safety for your child as well as make your pool area beautiful as they come in a variety of decorative styles and colors to suit your needs.

Wrought iron fences~Are also permanent fences that can last through your child’s growing years. However, they are not as common as aluminum fences as they are prone to rust and very importantly, the vertical spaces between the fence’s rails can be enough for a child to squeeze through. In addition, wrought iron fences do not commonly come with self-closing latches. Wrought iron fences can be customized to suit your pool area but may not provide the level of safety your looking for from a child safety pool fence.

Chain link fencing~ Is another option for a child safety pool fence. They are economical and do in fact provide a safe barrier to unwanted access to the pool by a child (and pets too!). Many people feel that chain link fencing is very unappealing to look at; however, you can add some decorative slats that fit right into the fence to make it look better and increase the privacy in your pool area. There is no doubt that chain link fences are durable and very low maintenance.

Mesh fencing~An alternative type of fencing that also provides swimming safety. Mesh fences are both affordable and removable. Their ability to be removed can be both an advantage and disadvantage. If installed properly, a child is likely unable to get through the fence; however, because of the potential to remove mesh fencing it is possible this type of fencing poses a risk for the child, especially compared to aluminum or chain link options. Mesh fences are a terrific option under special circumstances such as if you are moving into a new home and won’t have permanent fencing right away or if you are putting in a new pool and the fencing is not up yet. Importantly they are a great option for a child safety pool fence while you look for a more permanent option such as when you first take possession of a new home with a pool.

Wooden pool fences~Are more traditional and will provide both safety and privacy. They can work well with the landscaping in your backyard and can also be repainted over the years to create different aesthetic qualities. The need for maintenance is a drawback to some, but you will only have to stain or paint it once every few years.

Solid panel PVC fences~Provide plenty of protection and privacy for your family as they are opaque and are only set up in panes. There is a wide selection of colors and designs to choose from when purchasing your PVC fence as compared to other options for a child safety pool fence. This option is maintenance free and is not subject to rust or corrosion.

Glass panel pool fencing~Can be quite expensive and are commonly used for commercial pools and in economically high-end homes. They provide a high level of child safety protection around the pool. Since glass panel pool fencing is made out of high-quality safety glass, you can be rest assured there is no risk of breakage. Glass panel pool fences blend well in the swimming pool area and the only maintenance is cleaning.

Remember to pick the right type of fence for the level of swimming pool safety you require, the age and nature of your child or children that will visit your home, the look of your backyard and of course for your budget.

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