Pool Safety Covers


Pool safety covers are a good method of ensuring children cannot accidentally fall into the pool and pool covers decrease the risk of drowning. These safety covers are designed in a way that they can support a great deal of weight, which is something we’re all looking for in pool safety covers. Regardless if your child is young and crawling, older and toddling or even older when they grow and can walk out and sit down on the cover.

Safety covers come in either mesh or solid materials. Mesh refers to simply a crisscrossing cover stretched over the pool while a solid cover has no openings or gaps in it. For the sake of providing good swimming pool safety, solid pool covers are ideal. An added bonus of solid pool safety covers applies if you live in areas that receive plenty of rain or snowfall as a solid cover helps keep unwanted items out of the pool. Mesh safety covers are another option and both types of pool safety covers provide protection against having a child or an adult unintentionally falling or slipping into your pool.

A safety pool cover for your pool must be very good quality. Recommendations are that any pool safety cover is able to support the weight of at least three older children or up to 400 lbs if you require adults safety considerations as well (for example, may have an aging parent living in the house). It is important to always understand the manufacturer’s safety specifications for the make and model of pool safety cover you choose.

When choosing a safety cover for your swimming pool, there are a number of factors to consider:

Know the difference between the different types of pool covers~You are seeking safety pool covers that have very specific safety features versus a winter or solar pool cover. These are designed quite differently from pool safety covers, but you can get a safety cover that will work both in the winter and shield the sun’s hot rays thus affecting the temperature of your pool water. The weight that the different types of covers can support indicates whether your child will be safe and will provide protection for both younger and older children living in the house. Also, consider babies, children, and teenagers, who many visit your home regularly. For example, grandparents may have grandchildren of different ages in their house so research pool safety covers in general and find out which make and model is right for your needs.

Choose the best features for your household~If you live in a high rainfall area but you still choose a solid pool safety cover, select the best features that will manage the accumulation of water on the surface of the pool cover. Some have a drainage mechanism to lead the collected water off the surface, while others come with pumps that automatically draw any water that is detected on the cover. It may cost you more to have these installations, but keep your child safety concerns in mind and do what you can to create a safe environment at the pool area. Too many people make the right decision in purchasing the best product from an array of pool safety covers only to have an accident or injury because of the water that accumulated on top both from yearly rainfall and accumulating and melting snow that was not properly disposed of off the top of the cover.

An automated pool cover has more benefits than a manual one~If you lack the ability to repeatedly cover and uncover your pool yourself, or if you simply do not want to have this repeated chore, then the best idea is to have the pool cover automated. Your pool will always be covered when nobody is using it, and you will have a key that will give you access and control the pool cover.  Of course, the pool safety cover key must be stored away from children and we recommend inside your house, ideally in a lock-box versus in the pool area. This process makes sure that you authorize whoever is using your pool.

Get covers for your hot tub, too~Child hot tub safety is also an important issue and open hot tubs are just as dangerous as a swimming pool for a child. To ensure child hot tub safety, always close the hot-tub using a cover when it is not in use and supervised by an adult. A great house rule is covering the hot tub as soon as possible after use. This saves on your hydro bill too as it keeps the water temperature more stable. If you have a portable hot-tub such as a Softub model, you can also install straps that go underneath the hot tub and lock using a combination lock.

Use safety pool covers together with additional safety devices~It is important to have various types o of swimming pool safety devices of which pool safety covers are only one type. We suggest combing pool safety covers with a child safety deck around the pool, install durable safety locks on a child safety pool fence up high and ensure all locks are away from the reach of the tallest child likely to have access to your pool or hot tub. Consider other devices as well such as swimming pool alarms to maximize the protection that your child receives when playing near the pool.

Whether your pool is an in-ground model an above ground pool, protection using pool safety covers is an excellent swimming pool safety option – they are vital to ensuring swimming pool safety and once you have your cover remember to make a clear, non-negotiable house rule that the pool must be covered when children or adults are playing outdoors and certainly have the pool or hot tub cover on when they are not in use.

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