Swimming Pool Alarm


Owning a swimming pool can be great fun for your family. You get to spend time with your loved ones, teach your child a new skill and get a good workout while you’re at it. We should not forget or ignore the other aspect of owning a swimming pool- that it can be extremely dangerous for your child and a swimming pool alarm is an absolute requirement for every pool.

Statistics have shown that drowning is the second leading cause of injury and death to children under the age of 14, with a number of them occurring when the child was under supervision (Safe Kids Worldwide) These findings show the reality of the risk that a swimming pool presents to children. Imagine the number of injuries and/or accidents that are possible when children of all different ages are unsupervised in the backyard pool area. A swimming pool alarm can assist you in reducing this risk for your family.

Select your swimming pool alarm according to your household needs, budget and features that you will need. Supervision should not be taken for granted nor replaced by the various swimming pool safety products.

Choosing a swimming pool alarm presents a variety of choices, features, and prices. Sometimes having just one may not be enough, and the features are quite different among various makes and models. Consider using a mix of alarms for your household needs when purchasing the swimming pool alarm for your pool.

Wave sensor pool alarms~Are alarms that float on the water’s surface and detect any movements in the waves.  If anyone enters the pool such as your child, a neighbor’s child or even a pet, a motion is detected and the displacement of water triggers an alarm.  Be sure to know the requirements of the alarm. For example, some alarms are made to detect objects over 15 pounds when the enter the water.

The wave sensor pool alarm comes with remote receivers that are portable and can be placed in the house or carried by the parent or caregiver. A major factor is that this particular type of swimming pool alarm will only provide notification AFTER a child has entered the water. In addition, the alert device is portable therefore you or a caregiver may be quite a distance from the pool when the alarm sounds which will give you less time to rescue your child from drowning. Also be aware that some wave sensor swimming pool alarm systems will not detect a baby or light-weight pet in the pool, commonly under 15 pounds, so if this is a consideration for you check out the specification carefully.

Infrared motion detector alarms~Infrared alarms can be mounted on the swimming pool, the child safety deck or on the child safety pool fence. This particular type of swimming pool alarm can detect the heat produced from a baby or child’s body and send you an alert that your child has entered the vicinity of the water area. It is better to mount these on the pool deck to give you more time to get to your child in a potentially dangerous situation. Infrared motion detectors are quite expensive, but they give you a better advantage of knowing the movements of your child and providing an alert when a child or pet is in the ‘danger zone’ rather than already in the water.

Voice alarms~Are often used in two’s or three’s, meaning that you can have a voice alarm for your pool and other regions in your household. They are triggered by movement and send you a voice message alerting you that your child has moved in the swimming pool area. Every sensor for voice alarm has its own message so you can better identify where your child is. This can be a huge economical advantage as you can provide child safety in the home for a number of areas all at the same time. Perhaps Dad would like to know when his child is in a dangerous workspace or garage in addition to the pool area. In this respect, a swimming pool alarm with voice features and multiple bases can provide you with additional safety options.

Gate alarms~Placed on your child safety deck and pool fence can be a lifesaver. The locks on the gate should be self-locking and childproof, but in the event that your child has managed to open the gate on their own, the alarm will alert you immediately up the gate opening. This is an excellent option and actually means you’re doing a great job on child safety by first installing a child safety pool fence.

Door alarms~May be placed on the doors of the house that lead to the pool area. This version of alarm goes off when the door is opened, giving you enough time to take your toddler or older child away from the danger long before the child crosses all the way to the pool. These products work well but unfortunately many of us become frustrated with the door alarm going off if we forget to disarm it while letting Rover out in the backyard so they can be left turned off, just the type of situation where a preventable accident or injury could occur.

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